Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mind Games

 With one week of my uni semester left I have been rushing around the past few days painting and working on a few design projects trying to get my assignments done, and one of my latest projects has been another photoshoot! This time I was working with flash lights outdoors, which was annoying as I usually prefer using natural light but still an interesting experience.
I was so fortunate to have permission to shoot at this incredibly designed house in my neighbourhood and to use the beautiful graduate collection of young designer Katherine Young called "Mind Games."

Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Month...

 I checked on my little blog today and saw I hadn't posted in a month...whoops - haven't done that in a long time! However thats the unfortunate reality of being in your last year at uni, you don't have much time for anything else, so I'm not making any promises to post more - I'm just going to be sporadic over the next few months until I have finished my degree (so exciting!).
This is a shoot that I did a few weeks ago with my cousin and his girlfriend Rachel, whom you have seen in many of my past photoshoots, for a fake magazine I was designing. It was such a great day and it was so cool to not only work with one, but two models. I was so happy with how the photos turned out and my tutor loved them!

Photography/Hair/MakeUp/Styling all done by Moi


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sunday Market Haul: Part 42

 So its been a while hasn't it? Just imagine me hunched over a computer playing graphic designer all day every day. Finally I've had a moment to breathe and am on a tutorial free break for two weeks and I'm going to try and produce a bunch of content to keep my lovely readers happy!
My last few weeks at the markets have been pretty good, and its been great fun having my friend Bre come down with me - its' almost turning into a bit of a Sunday morning ritual.
The above Zara shorts I bought for $4.
 I found this really cool boho handbag for $3.
 After weeks of searching I have finally found the perfect pair of black denim shorts that aren't too short and have just the right amount of distressing on them. I bought them for $4.
 I love the felt texture of this skirt and I was so proud of my haggling, able to knock down the price from $10 to $5.
 I actually got this little skull bottle for free which was awesome!
Finally I bought this dress for $7 and I couldn't wait to wear it so I wore it the day I picked it up for lunch with my boyfriends family. 


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


 I had the most fun morning as I  did a photoshoot for one of my uni courses where I had to use high key flash lighting. My lovely friend Rachel helped me out once again, letting me torture her with my ideas! I am so so happy with the outcome and am officially in love with flash photography, I just want my own studio now haha!

Sunday Market Haul: Part 41

 Obviously having a few commitment issues right now with the blog haha! Uni has been unbelievably busy, if I'm not working on a project I'm sleeping and thats about it right now. I did escape the hectic schedule for a moment on Sunday for the markets. 
I bought the above Tigerlily dress for $2, it has such a lovely print!
 This dress was $2 and its made from this beautiful white sheer fabric. Its cool how you can see the seams of the slip through the top layer, it gives a geometric feel to the outfit.
Just some basic black cropped work pants I bought for $4.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Market Haul: Part 40

 I didn't realise how busy my last year at uni was going to be until I read over all of my assignments and saw that they all were basically due in the same week, so I've spent everyday this week trying to chip away at them all. I am now highly valuing the time that I do get to myself, like the sunday tradition of walking around the markets. 
Today was a really great day with lots of girls selling beautiful things for good prices. The above top is an old Shakuhachi that I bought for $3, I was so happy when I heard the price as I was expecting her to say $20 or something.
 This is just a basic tank that I bought for $2.50, I really liked the lime/yellow colour and think it will be a nice simple top to wear to the place I am interning at at the moment.
 I think I have turned into a dress lover, my uniform has usually been a tshirt and shorts however throwing on a dress is just so easy and often allows me to eat as much as I like haha! I really like the grunge feel I get from this dress, which I bought for $2, I just imagine wearing it with a tough pair of black boots, lots of silver necklaces and a felt floppy hat.
 Another dress that I bought today for $3, I loved the green colours and think it is perfect to wear while the weather is cooling down with a leather jacket to contrast against the feminine feel of the dress.
 After having no luck the last 2 weeks with finding jewellery at the markets I found these two beauties today, both $1 each.
 I bought these polka dot shorts for $2, they are one size bigger than I usually wear however they fit just fine and the slight looseness makes them super comfy.
Finally I bought this pair of pants for $2, I have always contemplated getting a blue pair of pants/jeans however have always found the blue colouring to be too intense, making them have an air of immaturity about them. However this pair I found today has a lovely subtle blue shade that isn't so in your face.


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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This Week I Am...

Inspired By...Thigh High Boots. They are always either so in or so out. Too often have I bought a pair of just knee high boots and have worn them for one winter and they then spend two in my wardrobe. They are also such a difficult trend to pull off, especially for us short people, as they can often make us look even shorter. However, with all that said, I have seen some amazing thigh high boots streetstyle and the little fashion crazy voice in my head is going Buy a Pair!
Wanting...Shoes. Thats it really. Just shoes. Colourful ones.
Wearing...My crystal earrings from San Francisco. I forgot to put these in my San Fran post so I thought I would share them with you now!
Listening to...Fancy by Iggy Azalea featuring Charli XCX. I just adore Iggy and this music video was just amazing!